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Vapor Blunt Accessories and Replacement Parts

VaporB has established and gained a lot of popularity on the market with its quality arsenal of portable vaporizer, design to be aimed for every user. They have released the very famous Pinnacle, Pinnacle Pro and Vapor Blunt vapoirizer, which are quite live up to the expectation.

Just like any other vaporizer, it’s very common that you may experience problem with Vapor Blunt parts and accessories over time due to poor maintenance or accidental breakage. if you are experiencing the same problem with different parts and accessories of your Vapor Blunt vaporizer then don’t bother much. It’s the time to replace these parts with genuine accessories that are compatible with your VaporB vaporizer. VaporB has released a number of addon accessories and parts to overcome such problems and we stock every single accessory that you may need to maintain and enhance the performance of your Vapor Blunt vaporizer. Order now and enjoy healthy vaping with Green Vapes UK. Feel free to get in touch with our customer support team in case of any queries.


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    VaporB 2.0 Replacement Wall Charger

    VaporB 2.0 Replacement Wall Charger

    £29.95  £24.95