VaporBlunt, better known as VaporB, is a vaporizer company born in Southern California, USA. They provide customers with a wide variety of portable vaporizers and strive to meet any vaping need you may have. VaporB vaporizers are compact and portable units with great design and performance.

VaporB 1.0 Vaporizer UK

VaporB's original vaporizer the VaporB 1.0 has appealing design and is especially useful for vaporizing dry materials. With 5 temperature settings to choose from controlled by the touch of a single button, you're in complete control of your experience. With compact and discreet design, this vape fits easily in your pocket and it perfect for on the go vaping.

VaporB 2.0 Vaporizer UK

Designed to work with dry herbs and essential oils, the VaporB 2.0 has a sleek design and compact body. With 5 preset temperature settings and a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, the device reaches the desired temperature within 90 seconds. The VaporB 2.0 has a simple start up function with a one-button system and a short wait for the vapor which is thick and plentiful.

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