Vapium Summit Accessories

Vapium Summit Parts and Accessories 

Vapium is a manufacturer that leave a unique footprint in the industry with their claim to offer best outdoor vaporizers, which can work in any conditions, temperature and climate. Vapium uses reliable technology matched with smart design that opens the world for vaporizers. Vapium has also released a number of addon accessories and replacement parts, designed to be compatible with Vapium vaporizers like Summit and Summit plus vaporizer.

Vapium Summit Plus Accessories:

Featuring the new Vapium Summit plus is the world's only splash proof rated vaporizer. The Vapium Summit is built to handle innovation technology, high quality construction and materials and intuitive functionality crafted specifically for on the go use.

If you are a Vapium users and worried about the poor performance of your unit over time. Don’t bother much about the malfunctioned Vapium parts that may experience problem over time due to different reasons. Just get these replaced with original and genuine accessories and replacement parts to resume the Vapium unit to its original functions.

Here is the list of accessories that we currently stock for Vapium Vaporizer:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Charger
  • Screens
  • Caps
  • Chamber

Browse through our complete collections of Vapium accessories and enjoy healthy vaping with Green Vapes.

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