Vapir Accessories

Vapir Accessories and Replacement Parts

Green Vaes UK Stock full range of essential accessories & replacement parts like battery, mouthpiece, caps, screens, pad, water tool, pads etc. for Vapir vaporizer.  With an aim to accomplish its mission, Vapir delivers the ultimate digital aromatherapy experience. Vapir Inc. specialize in the revolutionary technology of digital vaporization. Vapor has produced many fantastic portable and desktop vaporizer, since its inception. It is necessary to maintain these amazing vaporizers for long lasting efficiency and performance and keeping this in mind, Vapir has released a number of high end OEM accessories and replacement parts compatible with different Vapir products.

Vapir No2 Accessories and Replacement Parts

Vapir No2 is the latest portable vaporizer from Vapir Inc. Vapir has also released many fantastic accessories and addon for its latest innovation to provide best aromatherapy experience to vape lovers. Want to get cooler hits from your Vapir No2 vaporizer? Try water tool adapter, specially crafted by the team of engineer at Vapir to be used with genuine Vapir No2 Vaporizer. Some of other fantastic addon accessories for Vapir NO2 vaporizers are:

  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Cleaning Sticks
  • Screens

Browse through our complete collections of Vapir No2 accessories and replacement parts and feel free to get in touch with our customer support team if you have any queries regarding these accessories and products.

Vapir Rise Accessories and Replacement Parts

Vapir Rise is just an additional to the fantastic arsenal of Vapir Vaporizer. This amazing desktop vaporizer may need serval addon accessories and replacement parts over time. Vapir has designed and released many accessories & replacement parts that are compatible with Vapir Rise vaporizer.  They have designed accessories for different purposes such as accessories for different modes of inhalation and replacement accessories to ensure original performance with Vapir Rise vaporizer.

Vapir Rise can be used with Whip mode and Balloon mode with the help of appropriate accessories. Green Vapes UK carries a wide collection of genuine accessories for Vapir Rise vaporizer. Here is a list of accessories we stock for Vapir Rise Vaporizer:

  • Balloon
  • Filter
  • Adapter
  • Mouthpiece
  • Screens
  • Power Cord
  • Tubing
  • Plunger Nut

Vapir Prima Accessories and Replacement Parts:

Looking for addon accessories for Vapir Prima vaporizer. Well, your search is over. Green Vapes UK offers everything that you need to maintain and enhance Prima unit. Just browse through our complete collection of addon accessories and replacement parts from Vapir, specially designed to be used with Prima vaporizer.


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    vapir rise plunger nut

    Vapir Rise Plunger Nut

    £6.95  £4.95
  • Sold out!
    replacement re chargeable battery for the no2

    NO2 Re-Chargeable Battery

    £39.95  £29.95
  • Sold out!
    vapir rise tubing

    Vapir Rise Tubing

    £9.95  £7.95
  • Sold out!
    Vapir Rise Mouthpiece

    Vapir Rise Mouthpiece

    £14.95  £12.95
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    Vapir Rise Inhalation Adapter

    Vapir Rise Inhalation Adapter

    £18.95  £14.95
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    Vapir Rise 14mm Glass Whip Water Tool Adapter

    Vapir Rise 14mm Glass Whip Water To...

    £29.95  £19.95
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    vapir rise replacement power cord

    Vapir Rise Replacement Power Cord

    £9.95  £8.95
  • Sale!
    Vapir Rise Glass 14mm Whip Water Tool Adapter

    Vapir Rise Glass 14mm Whip Water To...

    £29.95  £19.95