Storz & Bickel (Volcano, Crafty, Mighty)

Storz & Bickel, now world famous for the quality vaporizers they produce, are German based and have been adding their vaping beauties to the market since 2002. Refusing to limit their creativity, they develop both desktop and portable vaporizers to the highest standard. With their focus on quality and efficiency, they produced one of the best selling vaporizers of 2016 and continue to be successful in 2017.

Volcano Classic Vaporizer UK & Volcano Digit Vaporizer UK

The Volcano is the first high performing, full-fledged herbal vaporizer on the market. It is guaranteed a long working life, is easy and simple to use. The Volcano Classic is the original desktop vaporizer and later they released and updated version, the Volcano Digit. Both Volcano products use patented technology to remove toxins and other harmful by-products during the vaporization process which intensifies the effects of the active ingredients in the vapor. They also feature an internal balloon which can be filled with vapor, detached from the device and stored for up to 8 hours. The Volcano Digit features a digital display which allows for more precise control over the vaping temperature with the same great quality vapor.

Mighty Vaporizer UK

The Mighty, one of Storz & Bickels’ most well loved products lives up to its name by generating thick, high quality vapor. With a hybrid of conduction and convection heat warming the chamber in a matter of seconds, the vapor produced is toasty and efficient. Compatible with both dry herbs and oil concentrates, setting the desired temperature is simple and reliable with the extremely accurate Storz & Bickel temperature controller, and make the Mighty vaporizer and pleasure to use.

Crafty Vaporizer UK

Storz & Bickels' Crafty vaporizer is the smaller, smarter sister of the mighty. Compatible with both dry herbs and oil concentrates, this compact vape operates at the touch of a single button. The vaping temperature is controlled via an app on your smartphone, where the battery life can be monitored also. With a mixture of convection and conduction heating and a cooling unit to prevent any harsh hits, the Crafty vaporizer is a powerful ally.


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    Crafty Vaporizer Green Vapes UK

    Crafty Vaporizer

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    Mighty Vaporizer Green Vapes UK

    Mighty Vaporizer

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    Volcano Classic Vaporizer Green Vapes UK

    Volcano Classic Vaporizer

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    Volcano Digit Vaporizer Green Vapes UK

    Volcano Digit Vaporizer

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    Volcano Plenty Vaporizer Green Vapes UK

    Volcano Plenty Vaporizer

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