Silver Surfer Vaporizer Accessories

Silver Surfer Accessories:

Silver Surfer accessories is one of the greatest desktop vape from 7th floor. To maintain this legendary desktop unit, you may need serval replacement parts and accessories over time. Keeping this in mind, we stock everything that you need to optimize and enhance the performance of Silver Surfer vaporizer. Browse through our complete collection of Silver Surfer accessories, directly sourced from 7th Floor and order one today depending on your personal need and preference.

Silver Surfer Accessories for Different Modes of Inhalation:

Silver Surfer vaporizer supports direct Inhalation (whip mode) and fee Style (balloon bags) Inhalation. To fully enjoy all these different inhalation methods with Silver Surfer vaporizer, you need to use respective accessories such as whip and balloon bags. Keeping this in mind, Green Vapes UK carries a wide collection of accessories that you need to enjoy and enhance your vaping experience with Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

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    Silver Surfer Whip and Wand Set

    £34.95  £28.95
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    Da Buddha/Silver Surfer Glass Mouthpiece

    Da Buddha/Silver Surfer Glass Mouth...

    £24.95  £19.95
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    Silver Surfer Glass 14mm Whip Water Tool Adapter

    Silver Surfer Glass 14mm Whip Water...

    £29.95  £19.95