Taking inspiration from the name and environmental attitudes of the Nimbin Village in New South Wales, the team at Nimbin are dedicated to producing vapes that can be used with adapted everyday objects, and that are ready for use at any time without the need for batteries or electricity. The experienced engineers at NimbinVap developed one single device capable to perform in many different ways. The scope was to emulate the characteristics of the most advanced vaporizers, bongs, pipes, hookahs, water pipes that would be ready anywhere, anytime and without batteries or electricity. NimbinVap designed something healthy, small and cheap with such amazing features!

NimbinVap 3.0 Vaporizer UK

You'll find it very hard to find a better vaporizer than NimbinVap 3.0 at its current price. With a large chamber that you wouldn't expect considering the compact size of the unit, it features an o-ring system for ease of assembly and cleaning. This nifty little vape is one of the most versatile portable vaporizers available, perfect for use while camping, hiking, and on the go when electricity is limited.

NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer UK

Taking the best features of the NimbinVap 3.0, the NimbinVap 4.0 improves on its brother's best qualities. With beautiful new design which also offers practical improvements, the NimbinVap 4.0 serves up a cooler vapor, and tends to the beginner worries about over heating. With backwards compatibility with all previous accessories and a great price offered, there'll be no reason not to upgrade to this latest model.


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    NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer Full Experience Pack

    NimbinVap 4.3 Vaporizer Full Experi...

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    NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer

    NimbinVap 4.0 Vaporizer

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    NimbinVap 3.0 Vaporizer

    NimbinVap 3.0 Vaporizer

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