IOLITE Accessories

IOLITE Accessories and Replacement Parts:

Iolite has established and gained a lot of popularity on the market due to its butane operated vaporizer. The company has released many butane vaporizes since its inception in 2008 and the latest innovation is Iolite WISPR vaporizer. Butane vaporizers function just like normal portable vaporizer. The only difference is, instead of battery such vaporizers uses a small amount of butane ignites a fire under the chamber to heat and vaporize the dry herbs.

The iolite accessories are unique in many ways and design to use with only genuine Iolite vaporizers. Whether it is a replacement mouthpiece, extended mouthpiece, filling chamber or screen pack we have everything that you need to maintain and enhance the performance of your Iolite vaporizer.

Here are the list of accessories and products that we stock for Iolite:

  • Screens
  • Mouthpiece
  • Hand Tool
  • Tips
  • Optimizer
  • Filling Chamber
  • Hand Tool

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    IOLITE WISPR Filling Chamber

    IOLITE WISPR Filling Chamber

    £49.95  £24.95
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    iolite optimizer

    IOLITE Optimizer

    £24.95  £19.95
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    iolite filling chamber mouthpiece

    IOLITE Filling Chamber & Mouthp...

    £29.95  £18.95
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    iolite wispr screen 3 pack

    IOLITE & WISPR Screen 3 Pack

    £19.95  £14.95
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    iolite mouthpiece tips 5 pack

    IOLITE Mouthpiece Tips (5 pack)

    £24.95  £18.95
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    iolite wispr hand tool

    Iolite WISPR Hand Tool

    £19.95  £12.95