Based in Quebec, Canada the team of skilled individuals at Inhalater are constantly working on developing highly advanced portable vaporizers. Since their founding in 2009, they have conducted extensive research into creating products which will deliver the best in vaporization technology to their customers. Inhalater have a patented convection-conduction system in which hot air passes over the herbs as the chamber walls also superheat. This is all thanks to the capsule shaped chamber which fits inside a heating core.

Inhalater INH05 Vaporizer UK

Featuring the patented dual conduction-convection heating system, the Inhalater INH05 is compatible with blends, oils and concentrates and can be used while charging. This carefully constructed vaporizer is light and sturdy and with the internal chamber made from a polyimide similiar to that used in space shuttles, the Inhalater INH05 vape experience is out of this world.

Inhalater 6S Vaporizer UK

The Inhalater 6S has an advanced heating chamber which efficiently vaporizes your dry herbs, blends, oils and concentrates. The 6S is a fantastic convection heating model, with medical grade components. This, coupled with its 10 setting temperature flexibility, offers you a simple and controlled vaping session.


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    Inhalater 6S Vaporizer

    Inhalater 6S Vaporizer

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