Haze Vaporizers

Founded in 2013, Haze has quickly grown to become a thought-leader in the vaporizer industry. Working out of Atlanta, Georgia to develop their multi-chambered technology, Haze are changing the vaporizer game. Marketing themselves as the ultimate vaporizer for outdoor use, the Haze range of vaporizers and incredibly portable, versatile and simple to use. Capable of vaporizing dry herb, oils and waxes, they continue to focus on and excel in quality, manufacturing and customer service.

Haze V3 Vaporizer UK

With the evolution of their vapes, Haze have outdone themselves with the Haze V3. With the addition of heat resistant fibreglass to their dual chamber design, the product is more durable than ever. Sleek, compact and sturdy, the design of the Haze V3 is wonderfully aesthetically pleasing and will easily fit into your life and pocket.

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