H. Aire Accessories

H. Aire Accessories and Replacement Parts:

Green Vapes UK stock full range of essential accessories and replacement parts like mouthpiece, balloon, adapter etc. for herbalAire vaporizers. HerbalAire is a new comer one of the fastest growing vape manufacturer. H. Aire has released many accessories and replacement specially design to be compatible with H. Aire unit. A user may experience problem with different H. Aire parts over time due to poor maintenance or accidental damage. Don’t bother too much if you are experiencing the same problem, we are here for help. Just order & get it replaced with genuine H. Aire accessories.

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    h aire replacement main mouthpiece

    H. Aire Replacement Main Mouthpiece

    £19.95  £12.95
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    h aire replacement mouthpiece extensions

    H. Aire Replacement Mouthpiece Exte...

    £19.95  £8.95
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    Aire mouthpiece kit

    H. Aire Replacement Mouthpiece Kit

    £39.95  £29.95
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    H.Aire H2.2 Glass TonG Adapter

    H.Aire H2.2 Glass TonG Adapter

    £27.95  £24.95