Desktop Vaporizers

What is A Desktop Vaporizer?

Also, knowns as tabletop vaporizer. Desktop vaporizer are generally larger in size & intended for home use. Since these units need to be plugged in to function, they are perfect for the person that like to get strong hits from their vapor. They have larger chambers and higher temperature ranges. Desktop vaporizers are usually the healthiest products due to their strong convection heating capabilities. Another great characteristic of the desktop vaporizers is the fact that they come with a minimum learning curve. They also allow usage of variety of water tools as well as aromatherapy attachments for convenience.

Types of Desktop Vaporizer:

Desktop Vaporizers or Tabletop Vaporizers are still extremely popular and newer models are getting smaller in size while offering more advanced vapor technology to the users.

There are three main types of desktop vaporizers available on the market today:

Forced Air Vaporizer – Also known as balloon bag vaporizer. A forced air vaporizer uses internal fan that blows the vapor into a vape bag or vape balloon. Once the bag is full, you can start inhaling the vapor through mouthpiece. The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is considered as best forced air vaporizer.

Direct Draw Vaporizer – A vaporizer whip is used to inhale vapor in case of direct draw vaporizer. Vaporizer whip is made up with three parts: wand, mouthpiece and tubing

Wand:  where the vape material is placed

Mouthpiece:  You put to your mouth on to inhale the vapor

Tubing:  It connects the two parts wand and mouthpiece

You need to hold the vape whip in place while you take a draw while using a whip style vaporizer. It may have a hands-free connection that holds the whip for you. Some popular whip vaporizers include the DaBudha Vaporizer, the VaporBrothers Vaporizer, and the Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

Combination Vaporizer – As the name implies a combination vaporizer use both vape bags and vape whips. A combination vaporizer includes a fan that can be turned on and off, or a vaporizer whip can be used to fee the vapor. It can also be used a direct draw vaporizer with the help of vape whip, when the fun is turned off . The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer is the perfect example of a combination vaporizer model.

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