With the help of their in-house engineering team and an exceptional attention to detail, Atmos maintains high standards within production methods leading to guaranteed top-of-the-line design and quality. As one of the first companies to ever secure a patent for a portable pen vaporizer, Atmos remain at the front of innovation in their field and been paving the way towards reliable quality since they emerged onto the market. As the industry leader, Atmos are often sought after for their latest technologies and have built strong relationships with manufacturers and other industry partners. Their professional and highly trained customer support team is knowledgeable in every aspect of their product line as well as any related and competitor products. 

Atmos Transporter Vaporizer UK

Atmos' first true vaporizer, the Transporter, remains to be a favorite due to its ease of use and sleek hip-flask like design. At the front of innovation this device sports an embedded heating element meaning that no herbs come into direct contact with the element and the chamber is effectively a sealed oven until the draw is ready. The chamber is also made from ceramics, giving an extra layer of flavor to your draw.

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