H.Aire Vaporizers

Canada based manufacturers, herbalAire have been creating desktop vaporizers since 2004. These affordable and sturdy units are perfect for whip and direct inhalation. herbalAire specializes in producing reliably durable and sturdy units that produce high quality vapor whilst remaining very reasonably priced. Engineered adhering to the strictest of standards and using only the highest quality materials, these are one of the most efficient vaporizers and are considered a Scientific Grade Instrument.

herbalAire H3 Vaporizer UK

The H. Aire H3 is a hybrid desktop vaporizer from herbalAire. The H3 is virtually the same device as the widely popular H2.2 but with the added feature of a raised top similar to that of the Elite which allows for a higher capacity chamber. The H3 also has the same mouthpiece with attachable crucible system complete with a cool off chamber. The herbalAire H3 vape is a tri-function vaporizer, meaning it can used with a whip or balloon attachment, or you can choose to draw directly from the machine.

herbalAire Elite Vaporizer UK

The H. Aire Elite  is the latest addition to herbalAire's arsenal of fantastic vaporizers and offers extreme efficiency and unbeatable versatility. The Elite model takes the quality customers have grown to expect and love from the H2.2 (Renamed H3) and seeks to improve the experience by means of an integrated digital temperature and air pump control. The addition of an OLED screen allows for far more accurate control over the device temperature and the pump timer. The Elite is relatively compact for a vaporizer of such versatility - standing at mere 7'' (18cm) tall and weighing very little compared to other vaporizers with a forced air system but, despite its small size, the inner chamber capacity is very generous. The convection system is also powerful enough to vaporize even lightly grounded herbs with remarkable effectiveness. Along with many other functions you will delight in exploring, the herbalAire Elite, like all other other models, is fully compatible with whip and bag.

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